Gavenus for Judge

January 28, 2010

Assistant District Attorney GARY GAVENUS of Burnsville, North Carolina announced his candidacy for one of the two seats in the non-partisan Superior Court Judgeships for the 24th Judicial District. The 24th Judicial District is comprised of Avery, Mitchell, Madison, Yancey and Watauga Counties. 

Since January of 2003, Mr. Gavenus has served as an Assistant District Attorney in the 24th Judicial District. During his tenure as a prosecutor he has been the lead prosecutor responsible for the prosecution of all Superior Court Criminal cases in no less than two of the five counties comprising the District, having been assigned to Madison, Mitchell and Yancey Counties over this period. As the lead prosecutor in the counties to which he is assigned he has been and remains solely responsible for the prosecution of such serious felonies as homicides, sexual assaults, serious assaults, arson, drug trafficking and drug offenses, breaking and enterings, and larcenies. He has vigilantly sought and obtained homicide convictions against drug dealers who have been responsible for the death of another through their drug sales; he has consistently sought enhanced punishment for those criminals who have obtained Habitual Felon status and prosecuted Habitual Impaired Drivers. In addition to his Superior Court duties, he has also been responsible for the majority of district court cases for the counties to which he was assigned handling everything from misdemeanors to speeding tickets. He currently is the only prosecutor in the district assigned to represent the State in two counties. 

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