From the Chairman:

Much is being said about “remembering” the actions of Congress in November when we go to the polls. But we need to “remember” now and not wait until November! We are in the midst of early “one-stop” voting here in North Carolina. You can vote at three locations in Watauga County now through 1:00 PM on May 1: Plemmons Student Union, ASU (only through Friday), the Board of Elections on King Street, and the Agricultural Conference Center on Poplar Grove Road. Otherwise, primary election day is next Tuesday, May 4, and you will vote in your designated polling place. There are unaffiliated voters running that will not have “party” designations. The school board race is unaffiliated but three Republicans are running: Delora Hodges, Jim Smith, and Lee Warren. The judicial races are also unaffiliated, but there are conservative judges running. Anne Marie Calabria needs to keep her judicial seat. Two conservatives are running for the other seat currently held by Rick Elmore. He is running again along with another conservative, Steven Walker. You may vote for just one of those men. The NCGOP site ( lists the endorsements for conservative judges. Please tell your friends who are registered unaffiliated (independent) to request a Republican ballot. (They may choose which ballot they want). The primary election will determine the sort of candidates we will have in November!!! Please vote today!!!!


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