From the Chairman:

What a great turnout for the organizational meeting for a new Watauga County Republican Men’s Club on March 25. By the time the rest of us got there for our Executive Committee meeting, the room was already full of men! Watauga Republicans know that this will be a critical election year. Many Americans are deeply concerned about the growing debt and the expansion of government. The concern runs across party lines. Our job this year is to let our friends and family know that the Republican Party stands for limited and responsible government. Urge them to exercise that precious right to vote! And vote in the upcoming primary! See the information on this website for the election calendar and candidate information. Please particularly note the candidates and judges that are running in unaffiliated races. Their party affiliation will not be designated on the ballot. The information on this site will indicate who our Republican candidates are. Friends, as the old saying goes, “Now is the time for all good men (and women!) to come to the aid of their country!” There is a place for you to serve as we seek to keep this country a place where freedom flourishes and families prosper! Please email us at and we will put you to work!

For Freedom and Victory,

Pam Blume


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