William Byrd for Sheriff

*NOTE* William Byrd will be running as a registered Republican, however due to registration issues, will be listed as an Unaffiliated on the Ballot. William needs your help in securing signatures (~1600) to be on the ballot in November.  For information on where to sign a petition please contact Melanie Hollar at RobeHoll@aol.com.

William Byrd born and raised in Watauga County and grew up in the Foscoe Community is seeking the election of the Watauga County Sheriff for the Republican Party.  William is the son of the late Bobby “Andy” and Bobbie Byrd.  He currently lives in Boone with his wife, Stephanie Castle Byrd and three children.  William presently works part-time as an officer for the Catawba County Sheriff’s Department in Hickory, NC.  He is a member and has attended Perkinsville Baptist Church for over twenty-two years.  William is also a member of the Masonic Lodge of Boone.

William currently has 18 years of law enforcement experience including 13 years as a certified state instructor teaching Basic Law Enforcement courses, specialized courses, and various other law enforcement courses.  He has served as a team member and assistant leader of the local S.W.A.T team for 12 years.  William is currently certified in basic law enforcement training, specialized courses and holds intermediate and advanced certificates in law enforcement with a variety of other law enforcement training.

If elected Sheriff, William’s goals include but are not limited to serving and protecting the residents of Watauga County with a strong experience and background in law enforcement.  He will put more emphasis on eliminating drug related problems in the County; improve the protection of the residents and schools in Watauga County by providing on-going training for officers.  If elected as the Sheriff of Watauga County, he promises to be seen in public and available to residents and will do his best to serve and protect Watauga County in every way possible.


One Response to William Byrd for Sheriff

  1. Agent Smith says:

    Why did he get fired from Boone PD?

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