NC05: Virginia Foxx files for re-election

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Clemmons, NC—Congresswoman Virginia Foxx today announced that she will run for reelection for North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District. Foxx has represented the Fifth District in Congress since 2005.
“Representing the people of North Carolina’s Fifth District in Congress is a great honor, Foxx said. “During this era of record deficits I promise to continue to hold Washington accountable and rein in its reckless spending and wasting of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.
Foxx is a strong proponent of keeping taxes low and ensuring that the government lives within its means. Last year Foxx opposed the bank bailouts, the auto bailouts and other massive spending programs like the trillion dollar stimulus package.
“Washington needs a strong dose of North Carolina common sense,” Foxx said. “North Carolinians are looking for someone who will stand up to the big-spending ways of Washington and who will offer solutions that solve problems without growing government and creating debt. As a small-government conservative, I have a proven track record of fighting to preserve freedom and keep big government at bay.”
During her third term Foxx successfully shepherded a bill through Congress to improve on-base housing for soldiers in the Army. Her bill to stop the 2008 bank bailout also passed the House last January.

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