Watauga Democrat
by G. Olver Parsons

At the 19 March Boone Town Council meeting, the six-member all-Democratic Council—Loretta Clawson, Liz Aycock, Rennie Brantz, Lynne Mason, Janet Pepin and Stephan Phillips—opposed the Defense of Marriage Amendment to the NC State Constitution. State Representative Cullie Tarleton had already opposed the Amendment, which would define marriage as existing exclusively between one man and one woman.

Please go to for a short list of backers for the Amendment. The list reads like a “Who’s Who” in religious and social organizations.

A recent statewide poll shows overwhelming support for the Amendment, with 71 percent for, 17 percent against and 11 percent undecided. Watauga County’s support is greater still.

On the opposing side is the ENC, a self-interested fringe minority calling itself “a statewide group dedicated to securing equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.” The ENC enthusiastically applauds the Boone Council members.

By backing the ENC, Boone’s “Seven Horsepersons” of the Apocalypse clearly showed their contempt for most Watauga County citizens, who are famously religious and traditional in their values.

Let’s be clear: the Old and New Testaments only sanctify monogamous and heterosexual marriage. Conversely, Sacred Scriptures always condemn all other forms of sexuality. Scriptures teach that societies perish when they go irretrievably astray sexually. “Same-sex marriage” is an example.

Harvard Professor [1930-1955] Pitirim Sorokin, who founded sociology, studied civilizations, and concluded that strong marriage is always their prerequisite. Conversely, he found that rampant sexual license weakens marriage, and presages the fall of a civilization.

We are seeing how weakened marriage has resulted in millions of fatherless children, and high crime rates, including sex crimes. Our society will not survive the further disintegration of marriage.

Hence, marriage is simultaneously the business of the individual and of society—including government. Government, in keeping with the wisdom of Scriptures and sociological insights, in its own self-interest has wisely supported marriage.

But marriage is not, because of this support, beholden to government. Marriage is an independent institution, predating governments in human history. Government, other institutions, the whole of society and civilization itself have a clear stake in and bear responsibility for marriage.

Normalizing “same-sex marriage” would further undermine marriage, robbing it of its sanctity, making it meaningless and disposable. It would be another catalyst in dissolving marriage, the family, all other institutions and civilization itself.

The recognition of “same sex marriage” as true marriage would open the door to normalizing now-tabooed incest, “group marriage,” polygamy and bestiality.

Where “same-sex marriage” is legal parental and religious freedoms have been restricted. For example:
–Some schools are teaching children—over the objections of parents–that “same-sex marriage” is the moral equivalent of marriage.
–Some priests and pastors are being jailed for preaching from their pulpits against normalizing homosexuality, and for the exclusiveness of intimate love between a man and a woman.
–In Massachusetts, a 100-year-old Catholic adoption agency closed down rather than place children with homosexuals, as the state had ordered.

Presently, governmental support for marriage is eroding and its support for “same sex marriage” is increasing as society is led astray—once again—by the vintage 1960-70’s radical liberals.

No longer disheveled, nor rioting on university campuses–which they have long since controlled–now conventionally dressed and groomed, the vintage 1960-70’s radical liberals may look harmless. However, perched strategically in organized society, the vintage 1960-70’s radical liberals and their younger progeny, whom they continually indoctrinate at taxpayers’ expense, have intensified their intellectual radicalism. The institution of marriage itself is now in their crosshairs.

Legislating judges are close kin to the vintage 1960-70’s radical liberals. It is legislating judges—not elected representatives—who are mostly responsible for giving “same-sex marriage” undue legal recognition. It is because of legislating judges that the NC Defense of Marriage Amendment is so essential.

In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] became U.S. law. DOMA permits a state to refuse to recognize “same-sex marriages” performed elsewhere. DOMA is important because five states have legalized “same-sex marriage.” Without DOMA, all other states would be forced to recognize “same-sex marriages” performed in these five states.

However, DOMA no longer suffices in blocking “same-sex marriage” because in a case the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2003 [Lawrence V. Texas] the Court established a potential rationale for overriding DOMA. This rationale is a disaster waiting to happen in future cases before the Court.

For this reason, the Defense of Marriage Amendment is now the only effective way of blocking “same-sex marriage.” This is why the Amendment is critically important.

It is also why the ENC, the all-Democratic Boone Town Council, and Tarleton fiercely oppose the Defense of Marriage Amendment, realizing that if adopted they could no longer rely on legislating judges to accomplish their “same-sex marriage” agenda.

It is no mystery why Boone’s “Seven Horsepersons” of the Apocalypse are against the Amendment when most are for it.

The seven are the puppets of radical elements of the ASU faculty—active and retired–that are driven to destroy what reasonable citizens–the majority of Watauga County–stand for, and then to remake the County in their own radical image!


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